• FS Institute

    On-the-job training

    Training people to help make the world safer is the driving force of FS Institute. On-the-job training is key to this success and the company’s EPSF approved training centre and railway facilities offer comprehensive programs where theory is translated into in-the-field experience.

  • FS Mastery

    Engineering your safety

    FS Mastery’s expertise lies in helping its customers take the best decisions to protect  individuals and allow them to do their work in complete safety.
    The company provides engineering solutions for critical environments. It carries through projects from the preliminary study stage to design and completion.

  • FS Safety

    Design the solutions required for the safety of people

    People and their safety are FS Safety’s prime concern and the company provides the solutions required to ensure the safety of people working and travelling on railway networks.
    FS Safety has taken over from France Signalisation and is set to extend its expertise to cover other critical environments.

  • FS Signaling

    Build, maintain and check signaling systems

    FS Signaling works to allow goods and people to travel in total security. FS Signaling carries out signaling and civil engineering works, as well as maintenance, technical inspections and tests of signaling facilities for all types of transport.

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