• Jacques GARGOWITSCH, Chief Executive Officer

    Our group is a driving force in all aspects of safety. Every day we work to make the world safer.

  • Pascal SCHEIDECKER, Deputy General Manager

    Right here, right now.

  • Gisèle GARGOWITSCH, Human Resources Manager

    People are our most important assets.

  • Angélique DUROT, Training Manager

    Our challenge is to manage skills to secure professional career paths and drive performance.

  • Gérard LELONG, Operations Manager

    We strive to have the bests results in everything we do.

  • Marc MOUËZA, Quality Health and Safety Manager

    Improving safety for people today and for future generations.

  • The Phi NGUYEN, Quality Health and Safety Assistant

    Self-improvement and helping others become more efficient are ongoing processes.

  • Anthony HATT, Works Supervisor

    We strive to be the best.

  • Nathalie GROSS, Executive Assistant

    Our passion comes from an environment where enthusiasm is infectious.

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